City Studio

VŠVU Bratislava, 2012
with Nika Partelová and Kaya Barényi

Studio agenda:
We assume that internet-based communities binded together with common interest and values, gain enough political power to build large-scale structures complementing or distracting the current city. We answer questions, how can a small (200x200m) city park be transformed into self-sustainable space for life in collaboration.
How can be such an "institution" for 2000 learning, discovering and creative people implemented into this park? By using utopistic scenarios we think about spacial organizations of small urban ecosystem.

Structure designed into Námestie Slobody square is divided into three connected environments. It came from cooperation work of three projects. Underground part is made of rocky 3D printed elements. On its specific surface is poured water stream, so it allows regulation of temperature and humidity of environment. The lake in bottom is used for communication, along with communication system creating halls, bridges and spaces in the rocky elements. The underground part continues upper construction part, which uses similar paths and spaces, but in different, open and light environment. Third project is dealing the properties of paths. The structure with specific atmosphere, binding with nature and regulated environment offers spaces for many events, activities, which are missing in the city center.

Three projects merged into one

3D printed elements

Process of creating "rocks"

Idea of erosion and its results and spacial properties