Art cloud

Competition, Bratislava 2013, with Adriana Debnárová

Artcloud is levitating in between buildings like a metal cloud, with confession to its ancestor, SNG bridge-like extention. This house stands with its material in contrast of surrounding historical or postmodern buildings, but its shape respects them and creates a missing blend, as a dancer makes a transition in a dynamic movement.

Competition entry for YTONG Sm(art) House at empty site near Michalská gate in Bratislava.
We are in first 13 finalist, and got an award from magazine Stavitel.

view from the moat

house stands mainly on two supporting walls, made of reinforced concrete colums and beams, and filled with YTONG bricks P2-350, and in upper floors with type P4-500. Project preserves baroque cellars in the main underground volume, accomodating caffeteria and other meeting areas. Façade is made of perfored metal plates, covering glass windows and solid walls or tin roof in uniform manner. Heating is seaparated to two zones, upper art house and lower, café and support floor.

Perfored metal plates on façade Size of holes is determined by specific need of each program behind façade