Ant hill second phase

VŠVU Bratislava, 2013

Next development of Ant hill project focuses on structure itself. First imputs are rethinked, project cooperates with four other projects on the same site.

However, new project was derived from the structural analysis feedback idea. Real-time reshaping structure in Minecraft game allows users to see real structural impact of their deeds. When you substract or add a minecraft cube (pixel), the structure could calculate a structural analysis and give feedback right in color of cubes.
But to be not limited by virtual game, similar system can be achieved in realty, by a special cubes. These consist of a pressure sensor, light source and attaching system. By stacking them to each other, cubes feel the pressure on them and react by emiting more or less light. When building, you can see, which part of your structure needs some support, and which are stable enough.

Five cooperating projects at Kocelova street site.

Function diagram

Updated grasshopper definition with more inputs

1:50 model detail

Interactive building blocks. They lit according to pressure on individual cubes.

Interactive show in Prague Fragner Gallery

Detail of arduino powered structure. Visitors were able to push cubes inside structure and according to their pressure the color has changed.